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Mech-Elec  continously source our products based on strength, reliability, durability, affordability and efficiency from our first hand experience with all types of air compressors. Our air compressor and treatment systems meet the highest industry standards supplied from trusted and reputable manufacturers such as CompAir, Airmac and Fusheng from Germany and Taiwan. 


The Airmac brand was established by Glenco in 1989 for exclusive use on its premium range of reciprocating air compressor sets.

Since 2001, only those sets equipped with genuine Fusheng reciprocating compressor pumps have been eligible to wear the prestigious Airmac label.


The current Airmac range including electric, petrol and diesel engine-driven, and oil-free models offers one of the best selections of belt-drive reciprocating compressors in Australia.

Glenco’s commitment that only its finest quality, heavy duty industrial compressors carry the Airmac brand is evidenced by the many repeat customers now specifying Airmac by name.



After being established in 1969 as an air compressor manufacturer, Puma Industrial Co. Ltd rapidly expanded to become a major player in the compressed air industry. Puma devised the unique “Air Center” concept in 1980 by merging its air compressors’ power source with its air tools’ application ability to create a single flawless air system.


Nowadays with factories on four continents supplying to more than 132 countries, Puma’s Air Center includes piston, screw and scroll-type compressors as well as air tools, pressure vessels and related accessories.Glenco is proud to be reunited with Puma in the Australian market and is excited to be introducing a new range of exclusive Puma Air Center products.



No other brand has had more impact on the Australian air compressor market over the past few years than Glenco’s own Senator label. A home grown brand that is challenging the dominant foreign competitors, Senator products continue to set new affordability benchmarks without sacrificing performance, quality or reliability.


The rapidly expanding range of Senator air compressor sets already includes stationary reciprocating models and both tank-mounted and base-mounted rotary screw models. Glenco has dozens of exciting and innovative new Senator compressors under development for planned release in Australia over the next year including a full suite of high-efficiency variable speed drive units.



FS-Curtis dates back to 1854 when Curtis-Toledo Incorporated was founded in the USA as an industrial equipment manufacturer. The company developed its first range of air compressors in 1897 to serve those industrial applications where “downtime” is not an option.


The FS-Curtis brand has since grown to become a symbol of quality and excellence in the design and manufacture of air compressors, vacuum pumps and related equipment. As a member of the global Fusheng group, FS-Curtis has the resources to empower future generations of customers with the air power needed to turn their visions into reality.



Fusheng was established in 1953 by its two founders as a compressor repair business with an initial capital investment of US$250. Today Fusheng is a global manufacturer with more than 20 factories on three continents employing over 10,000 staff.


Annual sales now exceed US$1 billion. As well as being one of the world’s largest manufacturers of compressed air equipment, Fusheng is a leading manufacturer of golf club heads, electronic components and precision castings. The current machinery range includes air compressors up to 3,500 hp, refrigerant compressors, vacuum pumps and compressed air storage and treatment equipment.



The American inventor and entrepreneur George Westinghouse amazed the world in 1886 by introducing the alternating current (AC) electrical system that still provides all our electric light and power needs today. For more than 125 years, the Westinghouse Electric Corporation has been working to provide safe, clean and reliable power for the world’s ever-increasing energy needs.

The array of Westinghouse products has grown to include electric motors, consumer electronics, lighting fixtures, home appliances, HVAC systems, solar power systems and portable power products. Building on the success of Westinghouse portable electric generators in the USA, Glenco is proud to offer an exclusive new range of portable generators designed specifically for the Australian market.



Innovative compressed air solutions

CompAir is a leading global supplier providing best performance compressed air solutions for a broad range of applications. With an extensive network of dedicated sales companies and distributors across all continents, CompAir offers global expertise with truly local service capability, ensuring the advanced technologies are backed up with full support.


CompAir's breakthrough technologies, such as Quantima, are helping compressed air users achieve sustainability targets, with energy efficient and oil-free compressors offering lower environmental impact.

For a complete range of world-class rotary screw, reciprocating, centrifugal and portable compressors as well as compressed air treatment and accessories, CompAir has the innovative answer to industry's compressed air demand.

Reliable mobile compressed air solutions

The portable compressors from CompAir prove their reliability in the toughest site conditions and deliver significant cost savings through energy efficiency and low maintenance.

The patented Bi-Turbo compression technology of the TurboScrew makes these compressors outstanding in efficiency. They consume up to 30% less fuel and are the smallest and lightest compressors in their class.